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Small drone, big dreams
For the Argonia Cup, Multirotor decided to partner with the Rocket Design Team in order to create the ultimate collaboration project. Our Argonia drone is meant to fit in the 5 inch diameter of a rocket. It's then sent up in the air past 8,000 feet, and then ejected on the way down, where our top notch pilots will pilot the drone with an FPV setup to a specific target and deliver the golfball payload attached to it. Most schools will use a Rocket and a parachute to do it, but we wanted to do something a little more special.


In order to create such a small but capable drone, we needed to think of some creative designs. Sine there wasn't a lot of horizontal area that we could use, it was time to go vertical. We decided to use a folding arm mechanism so we could still end up with a decently sized drone that had the power to navigate around so high in the air.

If you're wondering how the drone will unfold itself, well we have a plan. Initially we wanted to use a spring latch system, where the arms would click into place after being folded up, which did work decently. However, we needed something much more robust and durable considering the harsh conditions of being ejected from a rocket, so we made a major revision to that design that uses springs to pull the arms together and a stopper to prevent the arms from moving any further.

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