October 19, 2016

Team Overview

Team Picture

The Multirotor Robot Design Team is dedicated to furthering the understanding of engineering through collaboration and application. This is done by providing opportunities for hands on experience through three divisions: Hardware, Software, and Business.

Hardware Division

     This division focuses on the design, manufacturing, and component selection for the team’s multirotor robots. This division models and produces designs for frames, landing gear, and propellers guards and chooses which mechanical and electrical components will be utilized on every multirotor.

Software Division

     This division is responsible for all of the software that powers the team’s multirotors. They develop advanced solutions for computer vision, flight control, and collision avoidance. This division also creates complex simulations and updates the team website.

Business and Marketing Division

     This group is centered around the team’s communication activities, which includes annual recruiting, advertising, and outreach. This division produces all team media and works with the Missouri S&T campus and the public to inform everyone about the team’s progress and development.

It is our hope that students who may not know exactly which field of engineering interests them the most can use the Multirotor Robot Design Team to find out! Practically every field of engineering is applied when designing and building a multirotor robot, so there is a spot for anyone on the team no matter what their interest or specialty.

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