December 19, 2016


Software Division

The Software Division of the Multirotor Robot Design Team is is responsible for all software that powers the design team. From the website to the drone itself, each line of code is tried and tested, and solutions to problems are built from the ground up through collaboration and research. The division is split into sub-groups, each with a specific focus. It’s a simple divide-and-conquer approach for to tackle all of the challenges we face during competition.
The sub-groups are as follows:

Computer Vision
Responsible for visually identifying and cataloging game components and other objects.

Responsible for identifying successful strategies for competing through simulation of the challenge.

Flight Control
Responsible for defining and implementing in-air stabilization, general flight trajectory, and any necessary complex maneuvers to perform game strategies.

Collision Avoidance
Responsible for defining and implementing techniques to identify and avoid obstacles.


For more information about this division, contact Chief Software Engineer Clay McGinnis at

Hardware Division

The Hardware Division is directly responsible for the design and manufacturing of all the drones built by the team. This division collaborates to design every multirotor that the team produces, with a great amount of attention to detail. This division produces designs for frames, landing gear, and propellers guards and chooses which mechanical and electrical components will be utilized on every multirotor. This requires an extensive understanding of how multirotors work and how each component of a multirotor contributes to its overall design. By working on this division, one will gain experience in material science, 3D modeling, project development, teamwork, and overall engineering skills!


For more information about this division, contact Chief Hardware Engineer Charles Wood at

Business and Marketing Division

The Communications Division is responsible for recruiting, advertising and outreach for the Multirotor Robot Design Team. Members of this division collectively work to create team publications, organize fundraisers, update social media pages, and establish the team brand. This division works with and creates the relations with the Student Design Center, Missouri S&T, and all sponsors to keep them informed and up-to-date on team development. This division is able to take what the Hardware and Software divisions do and portray their goals, progress and achievements to the rest of the team and the public. By working in this division, one can expect to gain experience in leadership, communication, people skills, documentation, writing, and brand creation!


For more information about this division, contact Chief Business Officer Tom Hoing at

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