The Hangar

Where our drones sleep

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Known as the International Aerial Robotics Competion, IARC is one of the longest running collegiate aerial robotics competitions in the world. Every year, university teams from all over the world come together in order to beat state-of-the-art missions that have been unsolvable as of the time of they were proposed. A mission repeats every year until it has been beaten by a team. For more information, visit



Also known as Big Flying Drone, this is one of our largest and most ambitious projects yet.



Not just one, two, or even 3 drones. We made many of these for an IARC mission that required multiple swarming drones.



Our first drone to officially compete in the IARC competition, showing the world what our new team was capable of.

Argonia Cup

We partnered with the Rocket Design Team here at S&T in order to do a super ambitious cross-collaboration project between two passionate teams. The Argonia Cup is a rocket-focused competition where teams compete to build the rocket that’ll reach an excess of 8,000 ft AGL and also delivery a golf ball payload to a target. That’s where we come in with a tiny but capable drone that’ll make sure that golf ball gets delivered.


Arogonia Drone

Our first drone for this competition. Small size but big dreams with both autonomous features and manually guided FPV mode.

Miscellaneous Drones

Some of these drones are for PR, some are for testing, and some are super quick racing drones. We make sure to always have a variety of projects on hand to keep us on our feet.



Our testing drone for experimental features that can withstand even our greatest enemy: trees.


PR Drone v1 and v2

Small but brilliant and impressive. Just what we need to dazzle everyone without too much setup.


Racing Drones

Fastest drones in the west. What more can we say? Other than the FPV setup on them of course.



THE very first drone of the team. The one that started it all!

MultiRotor Robot


A precursor drone built by the founder of the team back when he was still in high school.