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The Hangar

Where our drones sleep

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Agile Class

The Agile Class consists of multipurpose drones used primarily for research and development. These drones are built to take a hit and can be outfitted with new gear for initial field-testing before being permanently mounted to one of the competition drones.



THE very first drone of the team. The one that started it all!



Our testing drone for experimental features that can withstand even our greatest enemy: trees.


PR Drone v1 and v2

Small but brilliant and impressive. Just what we need to dazzle everyone without too much setup.

MultiRotor Robot


A precursor drone built by the founder of the team back when he was still in high school.

Swift Class

Swift Class quads are built for manual FPV racing by our Multirotor Racing division. We compete in a variety of drone races across the state and are always looking for new pilots to give these guys a whirl!



Coming Soon!



Coming Soon!


Joe Flyer 1

Coming Soon!


Joe Flyer 2

Coming Soon!


Tiny Trainers

Coming Soon!

Rogue Class

Drones in the Rogue Class are custom-built for a highly specialized purpose. Multirotor has taken on projects involving complex systems for challenges like drone swarming and even high-altitude deployment from a rocket.



Not just one, two, or even 3 drones. We made many of these for an IARC mission that required multiple swarming drones.



Our first drone for this competition. Small size but big dreams with both autonomous features and manually guided FPV mode.



The second iteration for rocket-deployment. This drone won second place landing just 12 inches from the mark.



Our first drone to officially compete in the IARC competition, showing the world what our new team was capable.

Goliath Class

Goliath Class drones are the kings of our autonomous competitions. Weighing in close to the legal limit of 55 pounds, each of these monster drones is built to fly outdoors for missions involving endurance, power, and carrying capacity.



Also known as Big Flying Drone, this is one of our largest and most ambitious projects yet.

Green Background

SUAS Drone (To be named)

Coming Soon!

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